British Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BACCI), is an independent non-profit organisation promoting bilateral trade, investment and economic cooperation between Afghanistan and the United Kingdom. BACCI strives to play an active and influential role in fostering a healthy environment for trade and cooperation between Afghanistan and United Kingdom through its corporate members, extensive regional knowledge, innovative business-to-business dialogue and strong government support.

BACCI is one of the leading channels through which British companies can find credible partners to do business in Afghanistan and encourage greater British investment in some of Afghanistan’s most dynamic sectors such as mining, oil and gas, energy and power generation, telecommunication, transport and logistics, construction, agriculture, leisure and hospitality industry.

As Afghanistan’s economy grows and Afghan businesses plan to diversify, BACCI actively promotes United Kingdom as an ideal location for Afghan businesses to invest and assists them in finding the perfect business sector and partners. Our extensive business networks, substantial experience and bilingual staff mean that all our efforts will be directed in the most efficient way to represent our member’s interests.

In simple terms, BACCI helps:

  • British companies interested in investing and doing business in Afghanistan.
  • British companies interested in doing business with Afghan communities in the UK.
  • Afghan companies interested in investing and doing business in the United Kingdom.British, Afghan and International organisations working towards British-Afghan trade, development and cooperation.

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